SVN bug: Debugger settings not being honored

There's a bug in the latest SVN where the debugger settings are not
being honored.

Setup: 3.0_SVN and CF9

1. Download latest SVN and run the Advanced application template.

2. Uncomment the "DebuggerSettings" in coldbox.xml.cfm and set the RC
to always be expanded like so:

    <RCPanel show="true" expanded="true" />

3. Reinit or restart and the setting will not be honored. When I dump
the settings using getController().GETSETTINGSTRUCTURE(), the expanded
setting for the RC is false even though it's true in the xml.

As an additional test, I set the "show" value to false for all of the
debugger panels and those settings were not honored either.

- Gabriel

yes, fixed now.
Luis F. Majano
Ortus Solutions, Corp

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