[TestBox v1.1.0.00076] Testing service layer

I’m having some problems getting up and running with TestBox.

I have set up my test app with it’s own Application.cfc and I can execute an event on the root app and perform expectations on the event result, which is great.

Now I want to test a specific method on one of my service objects i.e. not execute a full event. This service object has a dependency on another object. When I try and test the method, I get an error saying that the dependency cannot be found.

I guess that because it isn’t an event, wirebox is not available.

So my questions are:
Should the Application.cfc inside the test folder instantiate Coldbox, or not?
If not, how do I make my service object aware of wirebox when testing.


If you are doing unit tests, you will need to mock any dependencies using MockBox.




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Works great, thanks.