Testing .cfm pages

Does anyone here also use Testbox to test the UI code / .cfm pages?

I am not talking about full stack integration testing, I have an application where all business logic is called through a Class Builder in the application scope.
I would like to be able to mock that class Builder and then do say an cfhttp to the page and verify the results.

Or if there is a simpler way than using cfhttp please tell me.

Thank you

I thought that I would share what I ended up doing here for anyone else that would like to unit test your cfm pages.

In order to render the page I use a combination of saveContent and Include like this:
savecontent variable=“result” { include “/index.cfm”; };

At that point I can use the normal expectation code to verify contents for simple stuff.
For more advanced checks I use the jsoup: Java HTML Parser from jsoup.org.

Thank you for all the help.