Thanks Ortus for just being you

Quick aside:

As members of the same workplace, you Ortus “guys” (no sexism intended) really go the extra step and

I sincerely appreciate it for the assistance you give me personally - but it also promotes yourselves and your company and your professional services in a subtle quiet manner.

Perhaps, too quietly.

Whether it is here in your own forums…
Or on an Adobe forum / on a Lucee forum / on Slack or … pick anywhere else…
Nearly every reply from an Ortus employee feels the same.

Now I am certainly generalising a little here… so please do not get upset with me if you’re not an Ortus employee - and I seemingly rounded you up into a circle with “everyone” else. This isn’t a complaint about anyone - just a compliment about how the help I have always received from the Ortus staff and how they make feel while giving me that help.

“Your Problem is xxx.” : this is where the reply to a question most often stops.

What I find routinely from the Ortus guys is;

“Your problem is xxx. Read THIS documentation”

(that is: "Here is a link to the documentation you need - not just a message that reads “RTFM you dickhead”.)

Or quite oftentimes it is the actual solution to your problem.

“Your problem is yyy. You can fix that with zzz and yyy”

“You can’t do that, the way you’re trying to do it. Do it like this instead…”

(I know a lot of non-Ortus people are also pro-actively helpful. But, again this isn’t a complaint of any one person - or our community in general… Just a public compliment and message of gratitude for the assistance I continually get and the manner is which it is delivered and the way I feel, when I get that help / advice.)

It is something you should all be proud of - individually and as a company.



Thanks so much Gavin. At the end we are all in the same fight and we want everyone to win. It’s the only way for us and our community to move forward. Together.