The function [keyExists] does not exist in the String

I have this shared constraint:

loginForm = {
    username = {required=true}, pwd = {required=true}

In my handler I am doing this:

validateOrFail(target=rc, constraints="loginForm");

If I leave one of the fields empty I get the proper exception thrown.
If I provide both elements I get the above error:

The function [keyExists] does not exist in the String

lucee.runtime.exp.ExpressionException: The function [keyExists] does not exist in the String.
at lucee.runtime.util.VariableUtilImpl.callFunctionWithoutNamedValues(
at lucee.runtime.PageContextImpl.getFunction(
at models.validationmanager_cfc$cf.udfCall2(/cbvalidation/models/ValidationManager.cfc:283)
at models.validationmanager_cfc$cf.udfCall(/cbvalidation/models/ValidationManager.cfc)

Good catch…
I made a ticket, and gave you credit. ValidationManager errors when returning validatedKeys due to sharedconstraint name · Issue #71 · coldbox-modules/cbvalidation · GitHub

Thank you, and I can see that it has already been fixed.
How do I specify the fixed version for my code, since there is not a new release?

You can install any “bleeding edge” (i.e. unreleased updates) version of any module using the @be version tag.

So, to install the bleeding edge of cbvalidation and overwrite your currently installed copy, do:

box install cbvalidation@be --force

This is now fixed and released