The view: general/dspStart.cfm could not be located: SOLVED


I wanted to check Coldbox AJAX integration, and tried to install the
ColdBoxReader sample. I created the database, datasource fine. When I
browse to the application's home: .../coldbox/samples/applications/
ColdBoxReader/ I receive the following error:

Application Execution Exception
Error Type: plugins.renderer.ViewNotFound : [N/A]
Error Messages: View not located
The view: general/dspStart.cfm could not be located in the conventions
folder or in the external location. Please verify the view name
and as I was writing this, I figured out the solution. :stuck_out_tongue:

Problem: All files under the views directory have small case. The
views are called using camel casing... and I use an operating system
that distinguishes between file name casing (linux)

The solution: rename all files to have the proper file names.

Could the next release include proper casing for the file names? Do
you still use a filesystem that doesn't care about file name case?

Thanks for a great framework in any case! :wink: