I was looking to thread out a bunch of image manipulation processing
during multiple uploads, and I remember seeing the ThreadWrapper in
the docs. Would this wrapper be suitable for something like that?
And, I can't seem to find anywhere in Coldbox that actually uses it,
are there any examples?

I know this isn't exactly a plugin or a 'public' feature that was
meant to be used, but it would be nice.


Well, that was an idea that I tried out to have a CFC that can proxy in threaded calls. I have not finalized anything on it and still seeing how to incorporate it into the core. You can use it if you like to get ideas flowing and just let me know what you think?

Even thinking of how to incorporate it as an AOP aspect you can add to methods to thread them.

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I've got an interceptor written that manages a basic thread pool. It
is finished but not polished as we ended up not going that direction.
If someone is interested, I could toss it somewhere and let people get
it all finalized.