Three Bugs in BlueDragon You Need to Know About

BUG #1

The first bug is in BD 7.0 and has to deal with the way BD caches CFCs. To avoid this bug, upgrade to BD 7.0.1

BUG #2

The second bug has to do with CFTHREAD and is a problem in BD 7.0.1 so at this time there is no fix. What I had to do was comment out all the cfthread calls in MTLogger.cfc and MTCacheManager.cfc

BUG #3

The problem is with expandPath() and directories named “admin” that causes expandPath() to function incorrectly. The odd thing is that if the domain uses www. it will work, but without www. prepended before the domain it does not work properly.

For example. I have a file located here:


Explandpath("/controllers") will render:


It should render:


For some reason when expandPath() reaches “admin” it stops. When I changed the “admin” directory to “managers” it worked properly, both on and