[Tip of the Week] New ContentBox Keyboard Shortcuts

We recently completed our re-design of the ContentBox admin using Twitter Bootstrap and we’re trying to focus on usability features. As part of our latest release of 1.5.5, the ContentBox admin added some nice shortcut keys to the admin that you can use to make your life easier. Once you’ve updated your install to 1.5.5, log in to the admin and click “Dashboard” > “About”. Scroll down a bit and you’ll see a complete list of all the shortcuts we’ve added so far.

Here’s a few of my favorite:

  • Quick Search ctrl+shift+s
  • New Post ctrl+shift+b
  • CKEditor Insert Widget ctrl+shift+w
  • CKEditor Quick Save ctrl+s
  • Toggle SideBar ctrl+shift+e
  • Log Out ctrl+shift+l

More info here: http://www.gocontentbox.org/blog/contentbox-v155-released

P.S. Module developers can add custom shortcuts to their interfaces as well by using some simply annotations in their interface.



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