[Tip of the Week] View Caching

Do you have slow views whose output rarely or never changes? You can get an easy boost in performance by caching those views so they are not re-rendered on every request.

The following code shows two ways to cache the output from a view for a given number of minutes:

Do you have dynamic portions of your view, or use a multilingual site? Use a cache suffix so ColdBox can cache each version of the view and always serve up the correct one.

Like control? The cacheTimeout sets how long the view is allowed to live in cache before it is expired. You can also set a cacheLastAccessTimeout to kick it out of the cache sooner if no one hits it within a given time frame. The following view will be cached for 2 hours, but will be evicted from the cache sooner if no one hits it for 20 minutes.
event.setView(name=‘contactUs’, cache=‘true’,cacheTimeout=“120”,cacheLastAccessTimeout=“20”);

P.S. To programmatically clear out a cached view on command use the following:

More info here: http://wiki.coldbox.org/wiki/Layouts-Views.cfm#View_Caching



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