Tpyos & misspeels in ModuleConfig.bx

Just noticed this lot:

 * This is the module descriptor and entry point for your module in the Runtime.
 * The unique name of the moduel is the name of the directory on the modules folder.
 * A BoxLang Mapping will be created for you with the name of the module.
 * A Module can have the following folders that will be automatically registered:
 * + bifs - Custom BIFs that will be registered into the runtime
 * + interceptors - Custom Interceptors that will be registered into the runtime via the configure() method
 * + libs - Custom Java libraries that your module leverages
 * + tags - Custom tags that will be registered into the runtime
 * Every Module will have it's own ClassLoader that will be used to load the module libs and dependencies.


  • yer capitalising a bunch of non-proper nouns in this. eg: Runtime in the first sentence. None of Runtime, Module, Mapping, Custom, Interceptors, Runtime Interception Points are proper nouns, so should not be capitalised.
  • moduel
  • it's should be its in Every module will have it's own class loader (sic)

Other than some wayward caps, the comments throughout the file seem fine; it’s just that initial comment block.

You’re doing the hard work over here. :laughing: Thanks, I’ll get that updated.

Have you ever considered that sending a PR is nearly as easy as creating a Discourse post?

I updated our module template so future modules will have the proper casing.

For the other modules, I honestly don’t care enough to go to the trouble to update them all. I’ll update these module-by-module the next time I’m making any module changes.

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It’s really not.

To do a pull req I’d have to wade through, clone the repo, work out how to run the tests, possibly write tests (not in this case, granted). I would never do a pull req on a project without fully adhering the the project’s guidelines. And - having learned from past mistakes - I would never skip any of those steps even if I was only changing a comment.

Also it’s not for me to dictate How you Capitalise your Words cos I know ppl like doing weird Shit with their writing, and there’s no hard and Fast rule. So I would never presume to put a pull req in for something that might actually be Contrary to your editorial policY.

On the other hand, I had Discourse open in another tab.

I recommend you let ppl help you the way they are comfortable with. Esp as - in my case - I am donating my personal time to you to improve a product I will never use or get any benefit from.

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