Transfer ORM question

Ok guys, fairly new @ coldbox


I have a form with 5 rows…

name email
name_2, email_2

I want to pass this into the database using the transfer orm (kind of like the transfersample)
to populate 5 rows with columns name, email

My question is, how do I set up the function to loop through and insert based on name, name_2

<cfset opURL =“friends.ptd_friends”)>

<cfset getPlugin(“beanFactory”).populateBean(opURL)>

<cfset getPlugin(“messagebox”).setMessage(“info”, “Your Friends have been notified, Thank you”)>

<cfset setNextRoute(“users/dspThanks”)>

cliffnotes: have form fields named : name, name_2, name_3, name_4, name_5
want to loop through the transfer orm process and add those as seperate rows into DB w/ column ‘name’


Take a look at the securitysample.