Tray Icon annoyance

Hi Gang,
(Windows 11)

It’s definitely a first-world problem…But One bug-bear of mine is the status pop-up / notification that you get when you restart a server.
It appears “over” the Icon Tray.


In my case I have 3 different (but linked) servers running at the same time.
Whenever I need to restart an application - I actually need to restart all three.
After restarting the first - I cannot “just” go to the second and restart that one because the notification is in the way.

Is it possible to have the notification positioned further up the screen?

I am imagining, there may be a “getMaxTrayIconHeight” function that could be used? so that way no matter what size the taskbar is set to on any given profile - the result will always be above the taskbar?


The position is controlled by this line of code, which is basically hard-coded to the top right for Mac and bottom right for Windows,

But it seems the notify library has limited options.

We could add a setting to CommandBox to default the popups in a different corner.