TrayIcon Option Request

At the moment in the Windows Tray Icon for a running server there is the option to go open the webroot or the server root.

Can you add another option - perhaps by default - and enabled with a command line switch / config setting that would open the “.CommandBox/server” directory - as well?

Actually - just as I am writing this it seems more “silly” as I go… but I’ll finish anyway and see if others think there is value in it - or, as I suspect - just being a little “pre-coffee” minded…

my Application is actually 3 applications.
So I right-click Application 2’s tray icon to open the associated folder I am interested in.
Realise I need something from Application 3’s files (a log maybe) and right-click App 3’s tray icon to get there.

I just don’t ever, and I have been using Commandbox for quite a while now - so you could be forgiven for thinking tthinking “this guy is just an idiot” - I think that myself -0 right now - while typing…

But I just don’t ever find myself NATURALLY thinking about those (open server home / web home) links - just being shortcuts to the file system.
In my mind it is a discreet option that opens Application 1’s (o2’s or 3’s) Stuff ONLY,.

While typing this I realised - HEY - you can just go UP from Application 1 - to the “server” folder and then DOWN to Application 2…
But my brain just gets stuck on this ACTION is for “discrete” Application ONLY.

How about “CommandBox HOME”


This is totally something you can add in to your servers :slight_smile:

Also, I’ll have a screencast coming out soon for this on CFCasts.

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Fantastic - Thanks Brad!