Trouble with getting cfmigrations tables to create on the correct database


I’m setting up a new coldbox app and I’d like to use cfmigrations to do some development testing. I’m using Microsoft SQL Server, and I have a SQL server with quite a few databases on it. I have indicated the following in my .env file (private information like IPs and credentials omitted):

I then run the command “migrate install” in commandbox and this happens:

I don’t plan to install the migrations in the master database. I’m curious why the command wants to install the tables there :frowning:

I understand that in the documentation there’s a step about schema that I may be forgetting? All of my database tables use .dbo, so I’m curious how changing it would do anything to help.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure you’re missing your connection string, like so:


I’ve never used that last one (db_database) because the database name is specified in the connection string. “Master” sounds like MSSQL’s default choice.

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Thanks for the reply!

I added the following to my .env file


My app starts just fine now, but the “migrate install” command yields the same error message. Any ideas?

is “receiving_coldbox_app” the name of your database in MSSQL?

Are you providing a user and password? Typically:


Does that user have access to receiving_coldbox_app?

And I’m sure you saw this but you’ve got the cfmigrations section setup in your box.json right? (FORGEBOX: CFMigrations Commands)

Yes, “receiving_coldbox_app” is the name of the database in MSSQL.
Yes, I am providing credentials in my .env under DB_USER and DB_PASSWORD
That user does have access to the receiving_coldbox_app database.
The only thing I have not setup in the cfmigrations box.json section is the DB_SCHEMA , it seems. What would I put there, as each table in my database is a .dbo?

The root schema name. For MSSQL, it’s usually “dbo”.

Can you paste your migrations config from your box.json


It looks good to me Jeff - Did you reload your CommandBox after you made any changes to your .env or box.json files to make sure the changes get picked up?

That is something I did not know I needed to do!


So now I’m getting a different error. While it’s still an error, it’s promising!

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Update: It works now. I needed to remove the quotation marks around my connection string in my .env file. Thanks for the help guys :slight_smile:

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