trouble with multiple CB apps, one is looking for the coldbox.cfc of another site

I have the coldbox files here:
I have one website here:
D:/Websites/siteA --> siteA.local
and another at:
D:/Websites/siteB --> siteB.local

I can't figure out why siteA.local is bringing up this error:
Could not find the ColdFusion component or interface D:\Websites\siteB

If i restart CF Application Server, siteA works fine, but siteB is now
looking for the config file of siteA.

So coldbox is apparently loading one config file for all the sites. I
thought i map coldbox to one source that all my sites could you, but i
think i will have to copy coldbox folder into every site's folder.

any thoughts?

One (or both) of these two things is almost certainly the issue:

  1. You have the same application name set on both applications.

  2. You have CFC caching turned on in the CF Admin.

Fix both of those and your problem will vanish. :slight_smile:

I disabled component caching, and that fixed it. I could see that this
issue would have occured again further into my development.


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Maybe I'm missing something, but with ColdBox you can't turn on CFC

It has nothing to do with ColdBox. If you turn on CFC caching in the CF Admin, then you will run into this problem every time you try to run multiple applications that use CFCs of the same name. This is a limitation of how CF itself works.