Trying to run the SimpleBlog 5 ORM example on Railo3.2

Hi all,

Just a quick question, when I try to run the SimpleBlog example that
uses Coldfusion ORM (simple_blog_5) on Railo 3.2, I get an error

"entity [model.entries.Entry] does not exist, existing entities are
[Comment, Entry, User]"

Do I need to setup anything else, besides the DB? Has anybody tried
this example in Railo?

Hope you can help!

Kind regards,


It’s recommended to use 3.3 for ORM stuff.

Have You already looked into this thread ?

I did look at that discussion. But the problem there was that the
database was different. That is not the problem I had. I am using a
MySQL DB, just as in the example. I did manage to get something
working, I changed the references to the beans, and that solved that
error. But now I am experiencing problems with the Coldbox ORM stuff.
The list functions do not work on Railo. Or at least, not in my setup.
No problem, just wanted to see how everything worked, I guess I'll
have to update tot Railo 3.3 when it's ready.

Kind regards,