Trying to setup Pink-Unicorns-Do-Exist Coldbox ORM Example...

This is the project I’m trying to setup:

I got the archive extracted, ran box install to install dependencies and setup the DSN/database. However when access the site, I get the following error:

Event: presentation.slides.index
Routed URL: N/A
Layout: N/A (Module: )
View: N/A
Timestamp: 08/27/2015 10:33:48 AM

And as soon as I post this I figure it out… The Github code is wrong, the injection needs to be changed to id:service.SimpleCarService or the SimpleCarService.cfc needs to be moved into the models folder (instead of the models/service/ folder).

Thanks for the update. Luis is on vacation, but can you submit a pull request for the fix. Then he can pull in the fix when he returns.



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