Trying to understand SimpleBlog2

Hi All,
I'm trying to make what I hope to be a simple change to
simple_blog_2. Essentially, I want to comment out the returned value
from to the instance.transfer.list function and replace it with my own
query. I'm trying to prove to myself that I've got the right idea on
where to put my query if I were not using Transfer.

Please see this screen shot of what I have going on located here:

You can see my comments and that I believe I should be able to simply
return a query from the getLatestEntries() function that is called in
the blog() function of the general handler. What I have in the screen
shot doesn't work though but I suspect I must be really close?!

Currently I'm getting an error that the cfloop tag in blog.cfm can't
process rc.posts:

"The value of the attribute query, which is currently rc.posts, is

Thanks for any help from anyone.


Ok, forget this, apparently I had it correct, but the framework was
cached and for some reason I had to actually restart CF to get it to
change rather than actually use the ?fwinit=1 argument? Been really
having problems with everything remaining cached for some reason
unless I restart CF (shades of Fusebox).

The URL param to reinit the framework should be ?fwreinit=1

That should help you.

Curt Gratz
Computer Know How