Turning ColdBox Debugging Back On

On an application that I got set up on my Win 7 PC laptop (using Coldbox 3.10), I was able to get CF debugging turned on (I have this set to on in CF Admin), as well as ColdBox debugging turned on. Then I clicked on "Turn Debugging Off", thinking that it would turn off just ColdBox debugging and found that it also turned off CF debugging. I've tried:

1. debugMode=true
2. debugpass = debug
3. Reiniting with fwreinit=1

But, debugging still doesn't get turned back on, no matter what. I even restarted the CF service, to no avail. I poked around in the ColdBox Dashboard to see if there is a setting that will turn the CB debugging back on, but I don't see anything obvious.

I don't think it's a cookie issue because I've tried the dev site in two browsers and getting the same result.


Following up . . . noticed something weird going on . . .

When I pull up CB Dashboard, I see the CF debugging information. But
AFTER I log into CB Dashboard, the CF and CB debugging information go
away. Ditto for the application that I'm working on.

so you don’t get the cold box debugging or the coldfusion debugging?

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Right. Following up to my followup, I went into the CB sample apps, and there I am able to see both coldbox and coldfusion debugging.

Okay . . . trying again this morning. I've tried clearing the browser cache (Safari), clearing history and then reloading the site and the debug info is still not showing up. Here's what I have in the ColdBox.cfc:

     function configure(){

         // coldbox directives
         coldbox = {
             //Application Setup
             appName = "NXCB",
             eventName = "event",

             //Development Settings
             debugMode = false,
             debugPassword = "",
             reinitPassword = "1",
             handlersIndexAutoReload = false,
             configAutoReload = false,

             //Implicit Events
             defaultEvent = "General.index",
             requestStartHandler = "Main.onRequestStart",
             requestEndHandler = "Main.onRequestEnd",
             applicationStartHandler = "Main.onAppInit",
             applicationEndHandler = "",
             sessionStartHandler = "Main.onSessionStart",
             sessionEndHandler = "Main.onSessionEnd",
             missingTemplateHandler = "",

             //Extension Points
             UDFLibraryFile = "includes/helpers/ApplicationHelper.cfm",
             coldboxExtensionsLocation = "",
             modulesExternalLocation = [],
             pluginsExternalLocation = "",
             viewsExternalLocation = "",
             layoutsExternalLocation = "",
             handlersExternalLocation = "",
             requestContextDecorator = "model.RequestContext",

             //Error/Exception Handling
             exceptionHandler = "Main.onException",
             onInvalidEvent = "Main.onInvalidEvent",
             customErrorTemplate = "",

             //Application Aspects
             handlerCaching = true,
             eventCaching = true,
             proxyReturnCollection = false,
             flashURLPersistScope = "session",

             // Paging Plugin Settings
             PagingMaxRows = 5,
             PagingBandGap = 3


And then further down, debug turned on for my local env (I'm working on the site with another development; my local env is nizhninovgorod:

     function detectEnvironment(){
         return createObject( 'java', 'java.net.InetAddress' ).getLocalHost().getHostName();

     function xxx(){
         coldbox.handlerCaching = false;
         coldbox.eventCaching = false;
         coldbox.debugPassword = "";
         coldbox.reinitPassword = "";
         //coldbox.debugMode = true;
         coldbox.debugPassword = "debug";
         coldbox.reinitPassword = "";
         coldbox.handlersIndexAutoReload = true;
         coldbox.configAutoReload = true;
         coldbox.exceptionHandler = "";
         coldbox.wirebox.singletonReload = true;


     function xxx() {


     function nizhninovgorod() {
         coldbox.debugMode = true;
         coldbox.debugPassword = "debug";

I'm pulling my hair out over this as I hate shooting around in the dark trying to figure out what variables are not getting passed around, etc. I should note that this happens in Firefox as well.

Added debugger definitions as such but this didn't work:

  function nizhninovgorod() {
    coldbox.debugMode = true;
    coldbox.debugPassword = "debug";

    debugger = {
      enableDumpVar = false,
      persistentRequestProfilers = true,
      maxPersistentRequestProfilers = 20,
      maxRCPanelQueryRows = 10,
      showTracerPanel = true,
      expandedTracerPanel = true,
      showInfoPanel = true,
      expandedInfoPanel = true,
      showCachePanel = true,
      expandedCachePanel = true,
      showRCPanel = true,
      expandedRCPanel = true,
      showModulesPanel = true,
      expandedModulesPanel = false