Udemy vs. Coldbox Boot Camp

What are the differences between the online training and in person training?

Looking at Udemy online training, it looks as if you are now charging ($149 course fee) for something that was previously free?

I would like to attend the boot camp, but I am being asked to justify the expense or necessity if online training is available.

Hi Gary,

The online course is at a minimal fee as we are an open source company and I hope you can’t expect that everything be free right?

As for the major differences, is that the in-person training is totally different than online. First of all you have the interactivity with the students and instructor (me :slight_smile: ), but it is much more structured to take you from the ground up. You can see the outline of the courses here: http://www.coldbox.org/documents/courses/cbox101-CourseDatasheet.pdf

It also covers a gradual progression from introduction to OOP, modern architecture, to framework introduction and so much more.

I totally understand about Udemy and no I don’t expect everything to be free (you gotta eat too :slight_smile:

Like I said in the post, they want me to justify the expense (which I am going to take the course outline to them).

Hopefully, I can get them to approve and will get to meet you in May. I can tell you, I definitely need help, I understand the concepts, but putting them into practice is a real head scratch-er.

No problem Gary, I am at my computer now so I am adding a few sheets for you. As you will see, they are intense 3 days of training, that will take you from the ground up without all the hurdles of not being able to just ask questions like you can on-site.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


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cbox204-CourseDatasheet.pdf (130 KB)

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