Unable to access server remotely

I could be being really dense here and missing one minor config setting.

Essentially, I’ve been using the latest REST template to built an API. I’ve moved it onto dev server to being testing.

I have a DNS set up pointing to the correct IP (checked and double-checked)
I have allowed the port through the firewall (checked and double-checked)

However, I’m getting connection refused when accessing remotely…I’ve escalated to our NetSec team but they can’t find any fault in the above configs.

The app works fine with a host entry bound to, but if I’m to remove that host entry I get the same issue as above - am I missing a vital step or config setting here that restricts access outside of 127?

CommandBox Version 5.1.1+00191
Lucee Version 5.3.6+61

Attached bootup logs if they are of some use…

Many, many thanks in advance

startupLogs.txt (54.5 KB)

Also worth noting, this is on Windows Datacenter 2016


So I actually went back and re-read the documentation…

“A server configuration can only have one host entry. If you require your server to be available on multiple IP addresses of the machine it runs on, you can set the host to This will effectively bind the server to all network interfaces (including local)”

I set the host to “” and voila - it works.

To answer the initial statement; yes I was being dense.

Glad you got it figured out and came back to share the solution.