Underlying Hibernate ORM version

Hi There,

Can I please ask if there any plans to support Hibernate v6.x?
I note that according hibernate.org; v5.6 is in “limited support”.

And yes I realize that “limited” is NOT none!

As always, Thanks!

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You might find the answer here Passing the Baton: Lucee 6 and Hibernate ORM and Lucee Stable Release - release - Lucee Dev

Hey Gavin,

Assuming you are asking about the Ortus ORM Extension, and not the Lucee Hibernate extension

Yes, there are plans to upgrade to Hibernate 6. Unfortunately, there are several large changes that need to be made first:

  • Refactor criteria queries (used under the hood in methods like entityLoad()) to use the JPA syntax
  • Refactor 2nd-level cache implementation to use hibernate-jcache

I’m sure there are others, but these are the two biggest blockers to a Hibernate 6 upgrade.

For what it’s worth, “limited support” on Hibernate 5.6 means very little to us CFML users (who routinely see decade-old dependencies bundled with Lucee or ACF) - especially since you have the benefit of a wrapper library which does have full, ongoing support. If you are concerned, might I suggest sponsoring the upgrade?

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