unit testing handlers...

Good morning all, i keep getting errors on 2 of my test.
the first one is a function that only has a setLayout and setView...do
I even care to run a test for this? if so, how?

my other one is a bit harder and I ran into this kind of stuff on a
nonColdbox app I was testing a year ago...cf variables being used in
the testcase. Here is the line:

objPLCCases = CreateObject("component",

So, how do I get the AppMapping variable for the getSetting to work? I
am alywas getting an error stating that .model.plcHome has a problem.

I am fairly new to unit testing, I played with mxUnit about a year
ago, but my manager at the time did not see the importance of unit
testing, so I kinda stopped using it due to other issues at that job.
I really want to get into useing it at this job, so I want to try to
get over the initial hurdles.


Dan, are you doing unit testing or integration testing. Can you post your test.

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Sorry Luis, backed off mxunit testing within our coldbox
framework...whom ever put this older framework in place seemed to
strip out all the testing and mocking so i was making up the testing
as I went along...i tried to put newer testing folders in, which meant
i had to research were the folders went....it was a problem, then i
had other issues so I backed off for not.
when i get back to this, i'll probably be asking again.

thanks for looking to help.