Unit Testing Interceptors


I'm wanting to write some Unit Tests for a new interceptor I'm
building. Looking through the docs I'm not quite sure how I can call
this in through ColdBox.

I'm seeing things like registerInterceptor but I'm not really wanting
to test this as an interceptor, not yet anyway. I want to make sure
that logic of the object is working first by having it there in

Am I best just calling this in through createObject() or is there a
way I can bring this in through ColdBox instead?


P.S. I don't have this registered in an IoC, and trying to avoid that
for this. It's a simple thing I've built for managing Javascript
detection on sessionStart and preEvent

Have you looked at how the core ColdBox interceptors are tested?

Look on the whats new doc. You will see we now have testing classes for each major coldbox class: integration, handler isolated, plugin isolated, model isolated and interceptor isolated. Please check those

Cool, thanks guys for the pointers, I'll look into them....

and Luis congrats again on the new arrival. Hope everything is going
well within the new family.