Unnecessary Testbox Files


I recently integrated testbox into our legacy CF application.

The time has come to merge this feature branch into the integration branch.

Before I do so, I would like to ensure I have the minimal files necessary, without “fluff”.

Our environment is single tenant, so we try to avoid adding much processing to our checkouts/updates/deploys, etc.

Are there any folders (e.g. apidocs) that can be removed without affecting the operation?


The short answer is you should not commit testbox to the repo at all! In fact, no 3rd party code that CommandBox manages should be committed. All you should have is your site’s box.json which lists testbox as a devDependency. Then you run "box install’ to build out all the dependencies prior to running your app. And on production, you run “box install --production” which won’t install dev dependencies like Testbox at all.

Thanks Brad.

I understand your point. However, we don’t use CommandBox for our legacy application.

Additionally, we took measures within our devops infrastructure to ensure testbox-related functionality does not make it to stage or production environments.

So this is really only a devolopment environment issue.

Thanks for your help.

Got it. To answer your question then, ONLY the /testbox/system folder is needed. Everything else inside of testbox/ is just samples and nonsense.

Thanks Brad!