More updates this week.

  • BlogBox default installation is to take over the app (fixed all routing issues)

  • Tons of fixes

  • Finalized importers for WordPress and Mango blog, (Will update CMS imports once CMS is complete)

  • Dashboard content report is finalized

  • BBHelper additions and abstractions for layout usage

  • CMS is now active. We have added CMS capabilities to BlogBox and will be finalizing them soon. As of now you can create basic pages and page views with commenting or not.
    We will be adding the following:

  • Layout Selections for a page: Each page can select a custom layout from the BlogBox layout theme.

  • Page parent: Each page can select its parent page

  • BlogBox layout themes will now include a folder called layouts with the following two conventions:

  • pageLayout.cfm - The default layout for pages

  • blogLayout.cfm - The default layout for the blog

  • *.cfm - Custom layouts for usage in pages- BBHelper will be expanded to help you build menus

  • bb.quickMenu() to build menus with arguments:

  • page (optional) - page children or root pages

  • includes - A list of page includes

  • excludes - A list of page excludes
    Stay tuned as beta approaches.

Great work!

Luis, great work!

This sounds really good.

I’ve been meaning to totally redo my website, I think this may be the tool to do it.


How can I get started?

Look at the first thread on how to install

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