Upgrade from 2.6.1 to latest release and some SES issues

We are currently experiencing an issue where some links get translated
to SES and other are full URLS.

All that was upgraded was the coldbox system files.

Our config file stayed the same.


Can you elaborate?

Hi Kevin,

We rectified few issue related to SES, I would suggest to get SVN
or download 2.6.2-RC

Please let us know if there any problem.


I had grabbed latest from site. but will try SVN. then report back

I am running the latest RC version. I noticed if I comment out the
lines in my config (2.6.1 version)

<Interceptor class="coldbox.system.interceptors.ses">
      <Property name="configFile">config/routes.cfm</Property>

Then I get a htmlBaseUrl not defined error.

Obviously with the above SES setting enabled the app works for the
most part execept in some areas (not written by me). Is it possible
that a setNextEvent command could be causing the issue, since they are
now SES aware?


Hi Kevin,

Could you post full error stack trace. We will look into this.


I have disabled it on a test app and it does not fail, as how the urls are built and set next event works, test if you are in ses mode first before touching any of the settings created by the ses interceptor.

Please note that the interceptor creates two settings: htmlBaseURL and sesBaseURL. If you use any of those settings in your apps, it means you are using the ses interceptor.