Upgrading from CF10 To 2016 with ColdBox

Hey everyone!

I’m new to this group and was hoping someone might be able to provide some assistance with an issue I’m currently experiencing. I’m in the process of upgrading a server from CF10 to CF2016 using Coldbox 3.8.1. Unfortunately, after configuring the settings I’m getting this error. Could anyone point me in the direction of what’s breaking? We’re using ORMServices but the system was working correctly in the previous state so I’m assuming theirs a deeper issue other then the preFlush method not being implemented.

Thank you in advanced for any feedback!

Here is the meat of the error:

coldbox.system.orm.hibernate.EventHandler does not implement the interface CFIDE.orm.IEventHandler. The preFlush method is not implemented by the component or it is declared as private. with constructor arguments:

The ORM event handler interface has been updated and it looks like you’re on an older version of ColdBox (3.x). I’m not sure when we added the preFlush method to our ORM event handler, but as a quick fix, you can add that method to coldbox.system.orm.hibernate.EventHandler. The long term fix for you is to upgrade to the latest version of ColdBox, however in ColdBox 4, the ORM services are broken out into the cborm module so there’s a small amount of changes on your part most likely to get that up and running.

Check out this upgrade guide for ColdBox 4 which contains a section on ORM:



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Worked perfectly!

Thank you so much for the quick response Brad