Upgrading: log4j error

Hi All,

Currently using:
Lucee 5.3.8
Coldbox 6.9.0
cborm 4.4.0

…and I’m looking for an easy upgrade/stable build for both development and production.

However if I go to lucee@6.0.0, I get the error:
“… cannot load class through its string name, because no definition for the class with the specified name [org.apache.log4j.Logger] could be found caused by (java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:org.apache.log4j.Logger not found by lucee.core [45]…”

I tried installing Hibernate [no change in the log4j error].

Then I had a look at the “Ortus ORM Extension” - but there’s something weird going on with the versioning:


So I haven’t changed that. For the time being I’m going to revert back to Lucee 5.3.8, but any suggestions?



A follow-up / associated question:

What is everyone using for development at the moment?

What versions (Lucee, CB, CBORM)?