Urgent Need! In Need of a Malware Specialist - Attached by Ransomware

I realize my topic is not related to ColdBox but we have an urgent need and any help would be much appreciated. Our file server has been attacked by a ransomware. Does anyone know of a malware cleanup specialist. This is an immediate need and would like to hire a contractor or a company to resolve this issue ASAP!!!

As far as I know, once you have this happen, there is no recovery except from backups. The problem is that the file system is encrypted in the same manner that MS uses now with its bit encryption service built into windows. Without the key, you’re screwed unless you have backups that are clean.

And I am also 100% certain that any device that gets connected to an infected computer, is also subject to being held for ransom as well.

I would agree. No one cleans infected servers. They “nuke them from orbit” and rebuild from a backup.

If you don’t have backups, the possibility of getting your files back depends on what happened to them. The Cryptowall virus for instance has no known way to decrypt them.



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