URL issues in Coldbox and Lucee Server

I am working on a site using Coldbox and Lucee Server. The application structure is very complex like a handler is placed in 4 directories away from default location for example a handler with name ‘users.cfc’ is placed in ‘handlers/folder1/folder2/folder3/folder4/users.cfc’ This URL is working fine on local server but not working properly on live server. If any one have a knowledge about that. please help :frowning:

Can you provide more information?

  • What is the actual path to the handler?
  • What URL are you hitting?
  • What happens when you try?



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Please check config/coldbox.cfc “handlersExternalLocation” is correct and have proper mapping in Application.cfc to that location.
Also don’t forget to reload framework “fwreinit”

If still problem then please post full error details.