User Generated Content / Anonymous Editing

For a new site I’m working on I would like to have page that people could edit just like a WIKI.

They don’t need to be a registered user (But could be) and they could edit the page as they like, (Maybe trigger a review process first)
Somthing similar to wikipedia I guess.

Luis and Brad have kindly worked on the CodexWiki to plugin to content box, but I’m not sure it will fully perform what I require (I could be wrong)

But rather than hassle Luis and Brad, I just wondered if anyone else has done anything like this with ContentBox?

If not where would one start, I know the docs are being written but a good starting point will kick me off on my own :slight_smile:

I was thinking a Module, but not sure if it would be best to be a “ColdBox” Module or a “ContentBox” Module.

Again guidance welcomed :slight_smile:


It would be a ContentBox module which in turn inherits from a ColdBox module.

This module would register entry point for your own events and also listen to page events (interceptors) so you can contribute edit buttons and also bring in editors etc.

So mostly you need to register interceptors that can produce your ui elements. Then handlers for the events wether Ajax or not.

Thank Luis, I think I’ve got my head around it :slight_smile: I’ve made some good progress today will let you all know how it goes :slight_smile:

Might get some documentation out of this :slight_smile: