Using cfspreadsheet with a CommandBox Lucee server

What’s the best practice way to provide cfspreadsheet functionality for Lucee servers managed by CommandBox?

My understanding is that outside of CommandBox, the cfspreadsheet-lucee-5.lex file should be in your \lucee-server\deploy\ directory, but I’m not sure how that translates under CommandBox.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

Lucee servers started by CommandBox are no different than any other Lucee server, other than the location of the server files. You can manually install the extension just like you normally would in the web admin, you can copy a lex to the server context’s deploy folder, or you can use JVM args to specify the ID of the extension you want installed. Note, the cfspreadsheet extension is on and forgebox will be a default extension provider starting in Lucee 5.3. Prior to that, you’ll want to add in the web admin.

If you want to find where the server lives on your hard drive, you can run this command from the web root:

server info property=serverHomeDirectory

Thanks Brad, will investigate.

Adding as an extension provider and install cfspreadsheet from there worked a treat, thank you, for the info, and for making all the possible!

Thanks again,