Using CommandBox / BoxLang behind IIS

Is it possible to use BoxLang behind IIS?
If so, can someone give instructions.

I managed to do it.
Here is a short summary:

BoxCode iis the most common way. Here is a screencast I did on this

That said, CommandBox has a fully-featured web server built in nowadays that makes IIS unnecessary in most situations. Is there an IIS feature you require that CommandBox does not provide natively?

BoxCode iis the most common way.

For a moment I thought I’d missed another product of yours in your reference to “BoxCode”. It seems from the video you did indeed mean just BonCode. :slight_smile:

And FWIW, M_P’s steps also entail using BonCode–though s/he does also specifically show setting up support for bx* file extensions. That said, each of you cover slightly different things about BonCode and CommandBox setup, so many folks would benefit from looking at both resources to take away from each what they can!

Finally, M_P (like your video) also shows using NSSM for setting up the CommandBox instance as a service. And in fact this could be a good place to point folks also to the (low-cost) CommandBox Service Manager as still another solution for that. :slight_smile:

Thanks to you both for the contributions/reminders.