Using Layout/View args in 3.1

Hi folks,

I ran a simple test to utilize the new args feature of the Renderer plugin in CB 3.1. Here is my code:

local.htmlview = getPlugin(‘Renderer’).renderLayout(layout=“Layout.#rc.partnerkey#.Email”,view="#rc.mailView#",args={type=‘new’,action=‘user.create’});

The docs - - indicate:

Rendering With Local Variables

Passing local variables to layouts and views: renderView(args), renderLayout(args) now get the args argument which can be a structure of data that will be specifically passed to views/layouts for rendering ONLY there. This gives you great DRYness (yes that is a word) when building new and edit forms or views as you can pass distinct arguments to distinguish them and keep structure intact.

When i dump out #arguments# in both the layout and the view the “args” argument displays as an empty struct despite being passed in two structure elements (type and action).

Can anyone advise if I am using this incorrectly?

Thanks very much.