Using the Ortus Docker Image

Hi Everyone,
I have decided to the smart thing and create a docker image of everything we need in a dev environment - so that all Devs have the configuration, in the same folders, with the same tools… etc.

I have downloaded the image and have the following command line;

docker run -p 80:80 -p 443:443 
-v c:\BASE_DIR\wwwroot:/app \
-i -t ortussolutions/commandbox /bin/bash

However launching a container from the image - it would seem does not start commandbox / lucee.
top / ps -ef : both show no processes running.

If I manually start the server
box server port=80 name=myApp start

I can now see the Java process running…
And as commandbox starts it shows me that it is binding to http

But I cannot access the application from the host (my laptop)
Changing the port - makes no difference.

Is there something I am missing?

@GavinBaumanis By specifying /bin/bash at the end of your command you are overriding the default CMD. Remove that and the -i flag


Thanks Jon,

I am not sure why - but I have always believed that the /bin/bash call at the end - was an “extra” that was appended to the container start-up - as opposed to replacing it.

Thanks very much - Removed : Application is working.