Using Transfer with Coldspring?

Hi All,

I'm a Fuseboxer working on my first Coldbox/Coldspring app. I've used
Transfer with Fusebox, so that's no problem.

I started out with something similar to the Coldbox sample Transfer
app, but moved transfer out of the handlers and into a service layer.
It works fine.

I now want to take this one more step and use Coldspring, which I've
never used before.

I can get a TransferFactory created with no problem, if I hard code
the file paths in the Coldspring services.xml file.
  <bean id="transferFactory" class="transfer.TransferFactory"
    <constructor-arg name="datasourcePath">
    <constructor-arg name="configPath">
    <constructor-arg name="definitionPath">

What I would really like to do, is use the values that I set in the
Coldbox config.xml file. That way all my application parameters are
contained in one file.
    <Setting name="TransferSettings" value="{datasourceFile:config/
datasource.xml.cfm, transferFile:config/transfer.xml.cfm,

There must be a way to pass these values into Coldspring... I'm
guessing "$" is used for this, but I'll be darned if I can figure it
out, as something is not clicking in my head yet. Anyone have any

I must also say that Coldbox is really turning out to be an awesome
transition from Fusebox to a full OOP oriented framework.