Validation plugin CB 2.6 & hyrule

First, I seem to be missing the core validator plugin (http:// within the
coldbox.system.plugins location. I downloaded CB 2.6.4 again and it's
not there either. Was it removed?

Second, in reguards to Hyrule validation, I'd like to use this but is
it for CB version 3 only right now? I read that it is located in the
coldbox.system.orm package, but that isn't in my CB version either.

Third, if I want to keep CB 2.6, how do I integrate Hyrule? As a
plugin etc?? Can you point me to blogs or post how to do this? Haven't
tried yet but my first reaction is to create a ValidationService.cfc
extending hyrule's validator.cfc. Or put hyrule in my plugins folder
and use getPlugin("hyruleValidator").validate(oUser);.

Can someone help me with this?

Hi Clint,

You can integrate hyrule with ColdBox 2.6
Full documentation

hyrule only works with ColdFusion9


If you’re not on CF9, then you may want to look at ValidateThis, it’s a validation framework which can handle Server and Client side validation. It’s easy to integrate into CB2.6 using the bundled plugin.

Thanks guys and yes, I'm on CF9.

However, I heard on the grapevine that it is a bad idea to use comment
(Javadoc) style annotations on properties. That being said, do you
prefer to use script/tag based syntax on the properties for Hyrule?
Hope it doesn't interfer with CF9 ORM persistance.