Variable [BINDER] doesn't exist in Commandbox Testbox runner

I noticed that when I am running the testbox runner in commandbox with the argument outputFormats I will get the following message at the end of the run:

string **** Error activating (globber) TestBox Module: variable [BINDER] doesn't exist

I can reproduce the error with the following command:

box testbox run outputFormats="simple"
Executing tests please wait...
║ Passed  ║ Failed  ║ Errored ║ Skipped ║ Bundles ║ Suites  ║ Specs   ║
║ 0       ║ 47      ║ 0       ║ 79      ║ 12      ║ 92      ║ 126     ║

TestBox         v5.3.1
CFML Engine     Lucee v5.4.5.23
Duration        60,087ms
Labels          ---

√ Passed  - Skipped  !! Exception/Error  X Failure

Output formats detected (simple), building out reports...
string **** Error activating (globber) TestBox Module: variable [BINDER] doesn't exist
=> simple : <webroot>/test-results-simple.html

From my tests I can tell that it does not matter which output formats I select. The problem occures regardless if I select one format ore multiple.
CommandBox Version: 6.0.0+00787
Testbox Version: 5.3.1+6
Testbox CLI: 1.4.0+21
Coldbox Version: 6.9.0+9

Also seeing this running TestBox 5.4.0+7 on BoxLang.

Can provide more info if anyone is actually paying attn to the thread (and tells me what info they need) :wink:

Tests seem to be running fine, so it’s not odds to me, but happy to help you sort it out if I can.

It’s an issue of testbox modules. Since WireBox doesn’t exist. It’s a warning.

Unless we can integrate WireBox this will remain on some modules as we adapt them to testbox