[version] Slatwall Contententbox

Is the FW1 converter somewhere available? I

Not that I know of. It’s something that Luis told me about in passing once and he’s on holiday until the 26th. FW/1’s MVC conventions are very similar to ColdBox. It shouldn’t be too hard to covert the controllers.

One thing I’m curious about is how tightly SlatWall integrates into Mura, or if it’s sort of just a subfolder with its own stand-alone app. ContentBox probably allows for a tighter integration directly into the admin than Mura does which may open an opportunity for some more rewriting to make its admin pages available as menu items in the ContentBox admin.


Hi Brad,

thanks for getting back on this.

Is the FW1 converter somewhere available? I think a port would only make sense if the whole process could be automated as much as possible.
All database interactions are ORM based, so requirements should be equal to contentbox.

If I will find some time I will do a test install.