Very slow startup and errors on startup.

I’ve been working on a new Coldbox app and when I start it on my development laptop after I start CF the app takes a very very long time to startup and is always interrupted with errors. Do I have something setup wrong or is there anything I can do to avoid the errors (listed below)? I get the following errors each time I start up. After I get each one, I just refresh the browser and it continues to try to start up until it gives me the next error. After getting 2-4 errors it finally finishes and is ready to go. I can reinit and even reboot the server without casuing issues but if I completely shut down ColdFusion and then start it again I can expect to get errors on the next startup of my Coldbox app.

Note: I’m running CF 9.0.1 and Coldbox 3.0 and using the ORM.