'views' event appearing


I am experiencing a strange problem with my coldbox app. I have my app
configured to send through emails on various errors. Occasionally when
firing an event I will receive between 5-10 emails saying that [event
handler].views could not be found.

I suspect whats happening here is my app has somehow decided that the
event name is views and the email fires when it can't find a 'views'
function in that particular handler (which there isn't, and shouldn't

The two things i'm concerned with are why is it trying to look for a
views function, and why is it trying to fire this event 5-10 times?

I have also seen this problem with an 'index' event and an 'action'
event but this appears to have stopped.

It should also be mentioned that this problem does not cause the whole
app to crash - i can still progress through the events, but I get the
emails coming through.

I'm using ColdBox 3.0.0 318-GENESIS-14:14.



Do you have URL rewrites?

Hi luis,

Apologies, I'm not quite sure what you mean by URL rewrites...

Thanks for yor reply


Are you using iis rewrite or apache rewrite?

No I'm not using either.



Luis Majano wrote:

Hi Luis,

I've think I know what is happening - I was able to reproduce a
similar problem when constructing a url and passing through a
parameter called 'action' like the following.


This resulted in my code running through the onMissingMethod event,
saying that it could not find the event '2'.

I take it action is a reserved keyword and this is why I'm seeing
these types of problems. I can't reproduce the problem by passing
'views' in place of 'action' but I'm guessing it's a similar problem.

Could you confirm for me that 'views' is a reserved keyword?



Not really. Any event can have any name.