Virtual Entity Service vs using just the base?

Could someone explain why I would use the ORM "Virtual Entity Service"
in CB and not just the Base ORM Service directly? I don't see why you
would have to use just the base ORM service becuase the virtual offers
more options.

what are the pros and cons, why would you use one over the other?

There is one difference between the base and virtual entity. The base ORM service is the base templating method that is used for all ORM support integration.

The virtual entity service is a very concrete implementation of the base service that allows you to bind a service to an entity directly. Thus, creating a 1-1 relationship between entity and service. This is sometimes useful when you have small applications and you want to create virtual services for specific entities. All of the same things can be accomplished with the base ORM service, but you have to pass in the entity name all the time.

That’s it.

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I see! that answers my next question. My UML diagrams were looking
impossible to represent but if I pass in the entity using the base ORM
I am back to something I am able to use. cool, this is all very
exciting stuff. I dont feel happy with my understanding to use ORM yet
on a real project but wow, this is such quick stuff. using illudium
pu-36, CB and ORM it taken minutes to create a whole CRUD app.