Vue.js and ColdBox REST API

Which module can I use for this? Which documentation have the similar topic. Thanks

Hi @marks416 , are you asking how to create a REST API with ColdBox, how to call an API with Vue.js, or both?

That is better if you have a simple app. Thanks

@marks416 What is better? We’d be happy to point you in the right direction, but we can’t guess what you actually want or need without more details. What are you trying to achieve?

We need build SPA app with coldfusion and Vue.js

Yes, this is all possible, but it’s still very unclear to us what you are asking. if you want to see examples of building REST APIs with ColdBox, you can create one from the CLI

coldbox create app skeleton=rest

Or another example using modules:

coldbox create app skeleton=rest-hmvc

Either of those commands you can just run in an empty folder and then run

server start

to see in action. (Note, this all uses CommandBox CLI)

We also have a guide on building REST APIs here in our ColdBox docs:

As well as some docs on our new REST base handler here:

As far as Vue.js, I think the Vue community has a ton of example of how to use it. And honestly, I don’t think Vue needs to know or care what particular programming language is powering the API it’s hitting. We do use Vue internally for a lot of projects, so I’ll let any other Ortusians chime in who may have some specific Vue references or examples.

I just put this VueJS Spa plus Rest API as a possible workshop idea for Into the Box, we’ll see which one is selected.

There is lots of content out there… here are a few videos I found quickly.

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