[Website] Ability to report broken Forgebox links

Would be great if a future version could include an easy way to report broken links (e.g. on http://www.coldbox.org/forgebox/view/Reserved-Routes ).
Incidentally, the “community forums” link on http://www.coldbox.org/support/reportbug results in a “server not found” browser message as well. Guess it’s obsolete and just slipped through the cracks of the cleanup process.

Thanks in advance for taking a look.

Thanks for the note. We’ll work on getting those fixed.

I have discussed a process to check the ForgeBox links on a schedule before. Most of the ForgeBox data is maintained by our users who submitted the entries and occasionally links do go bad.



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Hi Brad

Thanks for the reply!

Well, extension developers are still human and it’s easy to forget to update a link somewhere on the web when someone moves or restructures his personal website.
Many other sites have solved it by making the system mail a copy of the notification to the content submitter. If he doesn’t edit the entry within x days (e.g. a grace period of 2 months), the entry will show up in a list visible to the staff, who can then look at the entry and disable it if necessary. Until the “notificationSent” flag has been reset by someone editing the entry, the system won’t forward other notifications and therefore avoid spam through dual notifications.
Maybe something like that could work for the ForgeBox website as well.

Since a user-maintained “report broken link” feature is a common thing in many CMSes it might even be a useful addition to ContentBox in general.

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We are meeting next week to rebuild forgebox. So ideas welcomed

I got lots of Ideas lol :slight_smile:
I’ll try and compile them.