Websockets and CommandBox/Lucee issues

Has anyone gotten Websockets to work on CommandBox using the Lucee engine?

We’ve installed the extension (GitHub - isapir/lucee-websocket: Enables server WebSockets for Lucee via JSR-356 compliant servlet containers (e.g. Tomcat 8, Jetty 9.1, etc.)) and followed the instructions (web.xml, additional Jars) but keep getting a HTTPSessionFilter not initialized error. We tried several versions of CommandBox as well as Lucee, all with the same error.

It seems as if it may be related to Undertow/RunWar? When we use Lucee standalone (i.e., no CommandBox) and/or with Tomcat, the Websockets extension works fine.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I don’t know anything about the extension, nor have I tried it, but can you post your web.xml overrides so I can see them? Also, we didn’t write that websocket project nor do we support it. I’d recommend finding the ticket tracker for that project to ask on as well.

I never had luck with that extension. GitHub - pixl8/socket.io-lucee: A Socket.io server implementation for the Lucee server might be a solution. Also see Jon Clausen’s ITB presentation on using rabbitMQ as a websocket interface

Thanks. We looked at socket.io-lucee originally but it said it was “alpha” and didn’t support the latest version of socket.io, so we decided not to explore it further. I guess we’ll have to just install Lucee as standalone instead of via CommandBox for our clients, which is a same since its so useful.

Will get the web.xml from our developer and post here.