Weird GetPlugin Error on 3 RC1

I just updated our production site to the latest download release
which we have been using locally on our deve env for a while and we
are getting weird errors.

The release we are using is: ColdBox 3.0.0 RC1-318-GENESIS-14:14

The only difference betwwen prod and dev unfortunately is CF8 and CF9,
since we were testing on CF9 locally to make sure we can update CF as

The error is happening in making a simple

The method setMessage was not found in component coldbox.system.plugins.IOC.

Another one is doing an IOC call like:


The method getBean was not found in component coldbox.system.plugins.sessionStorage.

And finaly using the new minify plugin which worked fine .... I am
getting this:


The method minify was not found in component coldbox.system.plugins.IOC.

This is just weird because as we click thru the site everything is
fine although these are happening sporadically and by the looks of it,
it seems like it is calling the wrong plugin even though it is

Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thank You!
Giancarlo Gomez

This was a registered bug GC for RC1, I recommend using the latest build (nightly) or using what’s on github as that will be RC2 with lots of bug fixes already and performance tunning in getting ready for final.

Those bugs should disappear now once you upgrade.

Luis F. Majano
Ortus Solutions, Corp

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Thank you Luis,

I had already updated earlier today to the github build and seems to
be good now.