What do you need to get the ExeptionBean to work?

Where do you put the setting?
I put it an onException in the main.cfc
Do I put a view to the exception in there?
Can I send a email from there?

Is there a working example somewhere? I did not notice any inside the sample code.

Hi Nathan,

Below is my Main.cfc onException function. This could be a bit overkill, but I use both Logbox and Aaron Greenlee’s HOTH - http://aarongreenlee.com/share/hoth-coldfusion-errors-tracking-reporting/

to track and log the errors. Both of which are setup to email me the errors.

In addition I use cfsavecontent to display a friendly error message to the user.

Kudos go to Aaron for the code below. Hope this helps.


var rc = event.getCollection(); var prc = event.getCollection(private=true);

//log to HOTH
local.HothTracker = (structKeyExists(application, ‘HothTracker’))
? application.HothTracker
: new Hoth.HothTracker( new platform.common.config.HothConfig() );

try {
//Grab Exception From request collection, placed by ColdBox
local.ExceptionBean = Event.getValue(“ExceptionBean”);

//log to logbox
if( log.canFatal() ){
log.fatal(’#cgi.http_host# - Main.onException, detail - #local.ExceptionBean.getDetail()#, message - #local.ExceptionBean.getMessage()#’,local.ExceptionBean.getStacktrace());

} catch (any e) {
// Record that the exception bean was not found!
// This should also provide the context of the original error
// however, the error details will be different. This is important
// in the event ColdBox has an issue capturing the error.



savecontent variable=“local.e” {
include ‘…/views/500.cfm’;

Thanks I will try this out in my main.cfc - that is where it should be correct.

What all do you need just to download hoth? and setup code in main.cfc

Is this true?

missingTemplateHandler = “main.onMissingTemplate”,

If a missing file exists it will call the main.onMissingTemplate

exceptionHandler = “main.onException”,

If an exception occurs it will call the main.onException

onInvalidEvent = “main.pageNotFound”,

If a event is not found it will call the main.pageNotFound

customErrorTemplate = “views/errors/generic_error.cfm”,

If a error occurs the page that will be displayed will be views/errors/generic_error.cfm

I am using ColdBox 3.1

bugTracers =
enabled = true,
bugEmails = “xxx@xxx”,
mailFrom = “xxx@xxx”,
customEmailBugReport = “”

My understanding is that bugTracers has been replaced by using LogBox is this correct?

  1. When we get errors they are not always clear as to what it wrong…

Could not find the included template /awng/views/myaccount/personalinfo.cfm

Yet when I go further down into the ColdFusion Exceptions area I get these two errors the first being the error. This still is not very clear as to what is wrong.


11:58:45.045 - Database Exception - in C:\JRun4\servers\cfusion\cfusion-ear\cfusion-war\WEB-INF\cfusion\CustomTags\com\adobe\coldfusion\base.cfc : line 364

	    Error Executing Database Query.

11:58:45.045 - MissingInclude Exception - in D:\apache\htdocs\ColdBox\system\plugins\Renderer.cfc : line 271

	    Could not find the included template /awng/views/myaccount/personalinfo.cfm.

If I take a new folder and create a simple application.cfm and index.cfm and call the objects in the handler I get a clearer picture as to what might be wrong with the object or query.

How can I get ColdBox to give me that information using LogBox in an email and display a nice error to the customer?

Can someone give me a one or two page example... like the sample apps.  Create a new ColdBox App with the Advanced Template and change whatever is needed to be changed to setup ColdBox 3.1 error handling to work.  Then cause a simple bad select or bad insert query and any other exception they want to show.  I would be very grateful.  I have been working on this over and over again.

Thanks for anyone's help.

Brad I appreciate the work you are doing to help me get an example. This is a new application and there are no try catches in this area. I made sure since we all are wanting better errors. So I am trying to get as much info as I can. I am trying what you gave me. I got the file working to display to the customer… just not sure I am getting enough information related tot he error.