What is Wirebox objectCaching equivalent for environments?


Previously, I would set the model "objectCaching" value to true/false
depending on what environment I was in. So in DEV, it'd be false. In
production, it'd be true.

Is there a Wirebox equivalent for the older model.objectCaching value?
I'm basically trying to say "don't cache ANY objects when in
environment A but cache ALL of them in environment B"

Thank you,

In your coldbox configuration for wirebox there is q setting called singletoreload set that to true whenever you want singletons to reload on each request for dev

Luis Majano
Ortus Solutions, Corp

That setting appears to clear only objects that have been annotated as
"singletons". So.....

cache="true" objects are not cleared. Any way to clear those for dev?
cache="false" still caches the object and turned transients into
singletons (from another thread).

Where's the older (but not ancient) app love? :slight_smile:

- Gabriel